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Families who visited us in 2017 have left their comments and ratings of their holidays

Real Family Holiday Box Hill, Surrey 2017 Reviews:

5 Star PicWe had a really fantastic time! It is a great location, really perfect for families. The children were out, playing and having a wonderful time from dawn till dusk (and after). The social areas were great, and the food was really lovely. The activities were well organised and fun. [One of the tutors] in particular was amazing. She had such a sense of fun and my children are still singing her campfire songs. I don't imagine we are ever going to have a better campfire than the one she was running.

 5 Star PicThis was our first visit on a Real family holidays and I picked the closest venue to home as I wasnt sure what it would be like. We were absolutely won over, from our arrival and seeing the goats and chickens even with 2 fire Alarms on the first night we had a brilliant holiday. We enjoyed all of the included activities and signed up for all of the additional ones as well, we had one wet day but we all split up, some going to Guildford but we not to Dorking to go to the cinema, we made some wonderful friends and the children played for hours running after each other and making happy kids noises. The adult room was a lovely space with the addition of the honesty bar was a relax for all. I would recommend the food the staff and the accommodation , it made me feel young and back at school sleeping in bunk beds!!!!

4 Star Pic Lovely quite location where children are free to just be kids. Lots of space and outdoor toys to play games on the lawn, especially liked the cows and goats nearby. Activities were well managed by kind and enthusiastic staff, Camp fire activity was a real hit. Canteen and office staff really went above and beyond in response to any questions asked. Accommodation was relatively clean and spacious. Only issue was the evening meal - a bit more variety would be nice with a view to catering for younger children. Also would be nice if the lunch prep area could be refreshed part way through so that those of us coming to it after breakfast aren't presented with used chopping boards with food stuff on them so that we can ensure there is no cross contamination from foods that can cause an allergic reaction. Think putting lids over the lunch stuff would also be good. This is only a minor concern as we did really enjoy our stay and fully intend to come back.

 5 Star PicWe loved it. My children ( 3 & 6 years old) made friends immediately. Other people staying there were lovely. Great place & very friendly staffs. My only complaint is the bed was rock hard. We are definitely planning to go there next year. 

4 Star PicThe facilities, activities and staff were really friendly and we had a lovely time. The only suggestions I would have is for some sort of gate to be in place at the main road. The children kept going over to see the goats and this was close to the entrance. Secondly the bannister rail leading to the rooms from reception is very low, especially for toddlers. Thank you for a great stay.

 5 Star PicWe had a lovely time at Juniper Hall. Loved the space, loved the food, friendly staff and good activities. Children already asking if we can come next year - we will be back!

5 Star PicThis was our second year of going to Juniper Hall on a Real Family Holiday, and we loved it just as much as last year. The children are already talking about 'when we go to Juniper Hall again next year'. They absolutely love the freedom they get in this safe, nature-filled environment, and we love the the peace and quiet that we get whilst they're off playing and exploring. The staff are so friendly and accommodating and the food is restaurant standard, we all definitely came back a few pounds heavier! The location is nice, there is plenty to do in the surrounding area and some lovely walks from the centre itself. The free and paid activities alike are well-organised and run by enthusiastic staff. In my experience, very few holidays leave you coming home actually feeling relaxed and as if you've had a real break from everyday life, but this one does! We really love the affordability of the Real Family Holidays and can't wait to book for next year!


Real Family Holiday Margam, South Wales 2017 Reviews:

5 Star PicThis is our 2nd year enjoying the summer break with Real Family Holidays. The location is next to Margam country park which is a stunning location to explore. The kids love the outdoors and we get to see deers almost every day. The accommodation was spotless and we enjoyed the variety of meals the centre offered and the staff was really helpful in finding suitable alternatives as we are a family who had dairy (milk) and egg allergies. The activities we participated including deer stalking, shelter building, pond-dipping, camp fire and mapping. These activities were divided into a younger and older age group which worked out really well. We found the centre's facilitators very knowledgeable and helpful. We love the fact that there were activities during the evening including a games room for children to play board games etc and a movie room with a different kids film every night. Real Family Holidays are exceptionally good value for money and most relaxing (no cooking!) and fun (lots of activities and places to explore)! Looking forward to another holiday in another location for 2018!

5 Star PicWe had a great time here, it was our first time and all the catering staff and tutoring staff were amazing and kind and approachable. our 5year old loved all the activities and so did we and the thought of not having to make breakfast lunch or dinner was great and it meant we got to spend some proper family time together but the learning and fun didn't stop. thank you real family holidays x

4 Star PicWe had a fabulous time! The staff were lovely, the location was stunning, and we would definitely go back. There are a couple of reasons it was 4 stars - firstly, there wasn't quite enough space for families to hang out. The one common room was much too small for all families, and not everyone wants to spend time in front of the TV. We were asked to leave the refectory (although the staff said we could stay when we explained there wasn't anywhere else to go with a comfortable place to sit). The breakfasts were also a bit mean - this was particularly obvious when you compared to the full breakfast that the other group got. BUT, as I said, the staff were really fabulous, they tried really hard to accommodate us.

4 Star Pic We have returned from yet another brilliant holiday with RFH at Margam. What a stunning location, lovely and modern too. The staff are fantastic, really helpful and knowledgeable on all the local wildlife and vegetation. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is due to a couple of things which really aren't the fault of RFH. We are vegetarians and noticed that the carnivores wanted to become veggie for the day and so had both the meat and the veg option. This meant that there wasn't always enough. Also the doors to the dining hall were always locked and you couldn't get in unless someone buzzed you in, not sure why, perhaps it was a security thing, but it was a bit of a faff. Saying that though, I will definitely be booking again for next year. Thank you again for a wonderful holiday.

5 Star Pic We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 days at Margam Discovery Centre. My two children and I have had a Real Family Holiday every year for the past three years as we love them so much, trying a new one every year, and this one did not disappoint. We loved the location, in a deer park, and the rooms were very clean and beds surprisingly comfortable with the added luxury of an en suite bathroom as well! It is an "eco-building" and was nice and warm yet also well ventilated and I loved the fact that it was all self contained so you could easily walk from bedrooms to common areas etc. There is loads to do in the area, in both good and bad weather, gorgeous beaches, Cardiff and Swansea, castles, museums...we certainly plan to return as there is enough to fill another holiday and maybe two! The staff were fantastic, the catering staff were great with my kids, and we really enjoyed the activities - more of these please! - we would happily pay an additional amount for more Field Study Council activities with other families. Can't wait for next year!


Real Family Holiday Lake District 2017 Reviews:

4 Star PicFab location good food and comfy beds. It would be good for parents to keep more of an eye on their children as there was a lot of noise and misbehaviour at times. We love fsc hols and this was our 6th please keep proving these opportunities.

4 Star Pic The food was good. Accomadation was good. Location was beautiful. Our only disappointment was the lack of activities at the location. This lead to a lack of 'bonding' between families as it meant we went off for the day and did our own thing!

 5 Star PicGreat holiday in a lovely location. The good points - fantastic location right on Malham tarn, excellent range and number of activities ran by helpful and very friendly staff - we never left the centre during our whole stay except from the planned excursions. The food was excellent. The grounds had brilliant outside areas for the kids to safely explore and run around in. The room was spacious and en-suite. I would happily return to Malham again - thoroughly recommended. The bad points - the room had a fair bit of damp in it and smelled foisty. The games room while good in principal wasn't really usable - the pool cues were broken and there wasn't much else in it. There were a few families there that were incredibly disrespectful and selfish (e.g deliberate vandalism of facilities and taking vast quantities of food from the 'off limits' kitchen to their rooms) - it must be noted that the centre or staff is in no way responsible for these idiots behaviour. These individuals had no interest in taking part in any activities or the ethos of real family holidays, they were just using the centre as a cheap place to doss. Their behaviour greatly angered everyone else there till they were barred.

Real Family Holiday Scottish Islands 2017 Reviews:

5 Star PicWe had a fantastic time at Millport. Lovely island, great rooms, tasty food, fun activities and friendly, knowledgeable staff and tutors. Just a shame that the sunshine didn't last all week! RFH is a great concept, especially for families like ours where we have different ages to please but only one parent to do it. There is something for everyone and lots of other people to meet- for both adults and children. More next year please!

5 Star PicThis was our second Real Family Holiday and we will be back for more! We cannot recommend them enough. The accommodation is clean and comfortable, the food is lovely and the activities are enjoyable for all ages. A super experience with lots of opportunities to make memories. Thank you Millport staff!

5 Star PicWe had a fabulous couple of days, we'd have stayed for longer.  Everywhere was spotlessly clean and all the staff were very helpful and friendly. Food was nice. I'd have preferred real coffee in the morning, real orange juice not diluting juice, my children don't drink diluting juice and also butter not margarine.  These are obviously personal preferences, but I do think it would make breakfast so much more civilised.

5 Star Pic I recently took my 2 nephews to Millport FSC. Myself and husband were really surprised and pleased with the standard of accommodation, new a spotlessly clean.
Fantastic value for money having breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and 2 course dinner. We all enjoyed the food.
We all actively joined in with our free and paid activities which exceed our expectations!!!!
Will definitely recommend to others and we hope to be back and even try another resort!!!
Thank you so much for an enjoyable time and experience!!!

5 Star PicWhat can I say - the most amazing family friendly holiday! We had a ball and learned how to snorkel as a family. I've now got the confidence to get out there and do it again with the boys. The activities were imaginative and there were indoor options for foul weather - but we went out anyway! The accommodation was top class and there was a variety of types to suit the different family make-ups. Nothing was too much bother for the staff and we'll be back next year with more friends!

 5 Star PicExcellent. Activities were varied and lots to choose from. Food was good. Accomadation was new and very nice. Staff were friendly and helpful. Location was beautiful and lots to do.

Real Family Holiday Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire 2017 Reviews:

4 Star PicAn amazing location steeped in history. Stayed for a week and enjoyed our first family trip to Wales. Staff were cheerful despite the weather and the activities were well run. Would've been good to receive the information booklet in advance (given out when we got there). Did the RIB trip to collect plankton - who'd have known that you can see microscopic starfish and crabs - the adults were more excited than the children when it came to the microscopes!

5 Star Pic The four of us (my 16 year old son; his 16 year old girlfriend; my 9 year old daughter and I) had a wonderful holiday at Dale Fort. The rooms were basic, but adequate, and everywhere was kept beautifully clean. The food far exceeded our expectations, with good choices, and plenty of it! Right from the first day the staff were all very friendly and helpful, as well as knowledgeable about the area and environment. How nice it was to spend our first full day, after a long drive the day before, not actually using the car! All four of us walked down to Dale, and then after our lunch, found a cove within walking distance and spent the afternoon there. I am not sure who had more fun combing through the rock pools and building sand castles... the 9 year old or the 16 years olds!! Lovely holiday and will definitely try to do one next year.

5 Star PicOur holiday at Dale Fort was a Really Great Family Holiday! We have 3 boys age 7, 5 and at the time 2 (nearly 3). We didn't have to worry about buying food, cooking or clearing up as all meals are provided, which made for a stress free holiday, with more time to enjoy ourselves. There was choice for meals, but not too much, so the older 2 boys could choose their own meals. They were also able to help themselves to drinks, which enabled them to be independent. The packed lunch set up was brilliant. The games room was a great place for us all to relax and have a drink and the children made friends and played games there. The library has a magnificent view of the water and the boys did some colouring looking out of the windows there. The activities were perfect for their ages. (The little one didn't do the evening activities as he was too tired.) For the rest of the time we were able to take our packed lunches and disappear off to the many beaches around. The staff were lovely-both the teaching staff and the catering staff. The room had ensuite shower and toilet and was big enough for all of us to fit in comfortably. As we were there for 6 nights the staff did a wash for us for a minimal fee. We have booked to go to Devon for a few nights in half term and are really looking forward to it. Thank you Real Family Holidays.


Real Family Holiday Devon 2017 Reviews:

Our first trip with Real Family Holidays to Devon. A superb holiday in every way Staff so friendly and polite Could not do enough for adults and kids alike Accommodation good Nice food and a good choice Our kids played all day and night with the other kids.
Something to do for everyone. Adults could chill and have a glass of wine whilst the kids played in total safety. We will be back next year for sure.

Bring with you:
Dressing gown
Old clothes
Extra socks
Several coats in case one gets wet.

Visit the lighthouse
Blackpool beach 
Walk from start point to next village over hill. 
Get the ferry from Dartmouth Castle into town and back. 
Go crab fishing in Dartmouth . 
Enjoy and relax

 5 Star PicIt was a fabulous holiday, your helpful staff made all the difference. The meals and activities were well thought out and very very enjoyable for children and adults alike. I am hooked and at the ready to book my next holiday as soon as the dates are released. I almost do not want to talk about it to other families as its so fabulous, but I really can't help rave about it.

5 Star PicI booked a 2 night stay for myself, my husband and boys age 3,5 and 7. My husband was then unable to come. I was apprehensive about going by myself with 3 boys, however the setup was perfect as all the facilities were located in one building and there was a wonderful family atmosphere with all the children playing together and looking out for each other. The activities were perfect for all 3 children and we all had a wonderful time. Thank you to the friendly, helpful and supportive staff.

5 Star PicMy wife and I are great believers in our two grandsons getting in touch with, and understanding, their natural surroundings so when we heard about Real Family Holidays at Start Point Centre we thought it would be an ideal experience for all of us. And so it was. Despite the late July weather being rather mixed, every day in Slapton was a treat. The boys (aged 3 and 5) loved the activities that included rock-pooling, building shelters in the woods, a seashore adventure, family games, and an evening walk to see (and hear) bats. The Rangers who organised and led the activities were informed, enthusiastic and excellent at communicating with young children. And let’s not forget the catering and housekeeping staff in the centre who were always friendly, efficient and helpful. Although the food – breakfast, dinner, and materials for a lunchtime picnic – was great, the cook went out of his way to provide basic pasta for our fussy diners. The house and its long garden gave a fantastic opportunity for all the children – age range 2 to 14 – to play together and have adventures securely in a way that might not be possible at home. When I asked my son (aged 5) what his favourite experiences were, he said “climbing trees” and “seeing bats”; what, in our “techno-age” could be better? Yes, our accommodation at Start Point Centre was basic – with bunk beds, albeit in our case with an ensuite shower room – but it was clean, comfortable and remarkably affordable. As a great, natural experience, I would thoroughly recommend a Real Family Holiday at Start Point Centre.

 5 Star PicWe stayed this time at The Old school, Start bay Centre, this is our 3rd visit to a real family holiday site,(We have been to Juniper Hall 1st, Orielton 2nd and now Start Bay). This is my grandson's favourite one and as my husband and I spent or 39th wedding anniversary with Real Family Holidays the boss, grandson George, says we need to spend our big one (40) in Start Bay too. It is a fantastic centre, the activities were well organised and great fun, the food was excellent as were every member of staff we came into contact with. I cannot recommend the Field Studiies council highly enough and I will be booking again for next year 2018. I also will try another centre as well as they are all individually brilliant for different reasons.

5 Star PicI had a third fantastic Real Family holiday. The one staff member who arranged all the activities was really good and the first activity broke the ice brilliantly. My children (girl aged 11 and boy aged 12) really enjoyed the activities - but they are definitely at the upper age range in terms of suitability however. It would be great for some activities suitable for young teens. The kitchen staff were very friendly and the food was outstanding. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which I would recommend.

Second trip to start bay Devon and we weren’t disappointed, yet again another fabulous family holiday!
We love real family holidays!

5 Star PicA fabulous base, excellent location and extremely friendly staff. Food was amazing and plentiful. This is the fourth RFH we have had and was the best yet.

5 Star PicSuperb location and fantastic experience once again. Staff is very friendly and centre kept clean & tidy. The only downside for us was that our room was very damp to a point of our clothes being wet in the morning. Not sure if other rooms were the same. This didn't spoil our stay just a point.

4 Star PicGreat setting for our holiday. It was clean and well maintained. We were fortunate to have an en suite I'm out room which was great. The food was good, a few options each day which were varied and not just your standard chips and pizza options. Only thing I would say is that we were left to our own devices a little too much when we arrived. There was an envelope waiting for us with details of the lock codes and local activities but it would have been nice to have been greeted by a member of staff to be shown around, told about meal times etc.

5 Star Pic This was our first Real family holiday and I was a little apprehensive as I didn't really know what to expect. The accommodation was great, basic but all you could need. The facilities were immaculate every day despite the place being very busy. The food was fantastic, great choice for breakfast and dinner and my son was extremely happy to be greeted by lovely afternoon cakes! The packed lunch spread to make and take was great, lots of choice and not just the usual sandwich and fillers. Unfortunately during our stay the high ropes were cordoned off which was a little disappointing but their were so many great places to go and explore it didn't really matter. The staff were great and were on hand to answer any questions and run the scheduled activities, we did the bat walk and that was amazing! We will definitely return for a fun, friendly and affordable break.


"It's the first time for us [this sort of holiday]. We normally do camping holidays - we've been to France a few years and we've done a holiday cottage in Cornwall. I do enjoy camping holidays but I find it a lot of hard work. I wanted to have a break so the all-inclusive nature appealed to us. 

I was looking at courses on the Field Studies Council website and noticed this for families and it went from there. We looked at the drone footage and saw it was a nice mixture with the sea, ley and woods.

I like the little sense of community that we seem to have fostered without any effort. The children have just come together and so have the adults. 

The hospitality has been non-intrusive. It's been like 'this is here if you want it'. Checking if we're all right but not in your face."

 Value for money: Excellent. We did initially book it for four days and then they put an offer online for an extra 10 per cent off the holiday and they honoured that so I could book an extra day."


"We've loved it, absolutely loved it. It's felt like I've been a part of everyone else's holiday too, and the kids have enjoyed it. 

We've done all the trips and activities and the kids have loved it. There's an activity for the day and then it's kind of relaxing after that. We've always gone and done something else. 

I'm going to try and book another one for later in the summer holidays, maybe Scotland or Lake District way."


Real Family Holiday Orielton, Pembrokeshire 2017 Reviews:

As a family we absolutely loved it. The children didn’t want to leave. I wish we have booked for longer and we will definetely return next year.

Really enjoyed our stay - fantastic location and beautiful centre to staying. Staff friendly and food was excellent, and plentiful. Thank you.

A fabulous stay. We loved the skomer trip and nature night walk. Im sure we'll be back. Thank you

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. Staff were all so friendly and our daughter was able to borrow a bat detector as she was especially interested. Campfire was magical. Maybe activities first thing in morning? We didnt want to rush back for four oclock. 

Thank you so much again. We feel well rested and well fed!  This part of wales is beautiful!


Real Family Holiday Yorkshire Dales 2017 Reviews:

We can not thank the Malham tarn team enough for a fantastic 4 day break :) We had 9 people in our party age range 8 to 78. Everyone was impressed with the standard of accomadation, quality of food, Friendly and welcoming staff. There just wasnt anything we didn't like and so much we did. favourites included: mammel trapping, meeting other families, the little onsite bar and common room, running around the woods, seeing deer, going to the bird hide by the tarn, walking up mallam cove,eating together, not having to cook or think about what to cook. We have stayed at well known commercial parcs and not enjoyed ourselves as much. Although we came as a large family group all of us felt we would be very happy to come on our own with our child. Thank you real familiy holidays we had a wonderful time see you next year.

5 Star PicI took my twin boys and [a friend] to Malham, and we all took something away. For me the beauty and peace of the surrounding area really drew me in, as well as the lovely staff and food in plentiful supply. The team were very welcoming and accommodating, the activities well organised, and my boys loved spending time outdoors. I think they really benefitted from the opportunity to join in the activities and meet other families. [Mr friend] loved it too, we felt like we'd really escaped and were miles from anywhere. It was a really lovely couple of days.

5 Star Pica fantastic visit. Staff could not do enough to help. Well fed and looked after. Really enjoyed looking for and finding bats in the evening. We are looking forward to coming back.

5 Star PicFabulous surroundings with beautiful scenery. Accomadation clean and warm with own toilet and shower. Food was lovely with good choice and plenty of it. Enjoyed the activities which encouraged everyone to support each other and take part. Staff were well trained and well adapted to entertaining any age group. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Friendly environment and kids got on well. Close enough to fabulous countryside walks and places of beauty.


Real Family Holiday Snowdonia 2017 Reviews:

5 Star PicWhere do you start? The accommodation is set in a beautiful valley and is comfortable. There are spaces for children and separate ones for grown ups too! The staff are all lovely and nothing is too much trouble. And the food? Really good quality and locally sourced. The whole family was able to relax and focus on having some unique experiences. I cannot recommend RFH highly enough and can't wait to book for 2018...

5 Star PicWe had a fantastic time over the Bank Holiday weekend. Room was clean and staff were quick to respond when we realised we were short of a couple of duvets. Plenty of good local food. Drinks available whenever we wanted. We came here as a base ready to tackle Snowdon and are so glad we did, because there are so many extra activities.

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